Paddling on white water is probably the clubs main interest.

We have a short section of white water at the club for training and playing throughout the year.  One club paddlers are familiar with the basics of paddling they are introduced to white water at the club. Initially just paddling down the drops on the course, but then learning and practicing the basic skills of white water paddling which opens up the possibility of various river trips, or getting into slalom or play boating.

Trips head off from the club to paddle rivers around the county through out the year – but predominantly over winter when the river levels are higher.

Popular favourites for those just starting to run rivers include the Burrs and the Ure.

As paddlers develop there skills, club coaches run trips to offer increasing challenges to members including popular favourite of the Washburn, Tees, Eden, Tryweryn, Greta, and more. These generally offer opportunities to paddle at grade 2 to 4.


From time to time the club ventures further afield for a week or longer of river paddling.  The west of Scotland is a regular destination, and every few years we venture into Europe to paddle in the French Alps or the Soca valley in Slovenia.