Committee Roles

The Club’s committee manages the running of the club and its organised activities. The following section outlines which Committee members are responsible for particular areas of the Club’s activities and affairs.

These Committee posts are elected at the Club’s AGM and run for a two-year term. The AGM is usually held in February each year, with approximately half of the committee being up for election each year.

Committee roles are reviewed regularly to ensure they meet the needs of the club and its membership. For a list of current committee members click here.


  • Leads the club on behalf of the members and directs the continuous improvement of Halifax Canoe Club.
  • Ensures the club continues to meet its obligations to its members and the wider community.
  • Represents the club in the wider canoeing and local community and other forums for the benefit of the club and its members.
  • Chairs the club’s AGM and committee meetings.
  • Inspires and motivates others to actively participate in canoeing and club activities.
  • Ensures all members adhere to the club’s policies and good practice
  • Ensures all committee members fulfil their responsibilities.

Vice Chair

  • Works in partnership with the Chair to ensure his responsibilities are met and deputises where necessary.
  • Assists the Secretary with the administration of membership and boat storage fees.
  • Ensures that club continues to meet Top Club status.
  • Co-ordinates the club’s development plan and policy update schedule.
  • Responsible for special projects as required.


  • Acts as Company Secretary in all dealings with Companies House.
  • Ensures sound administration of club and that it adheres to its constitution and policies.
  • Acts as the Data Controller for the Canoe Club.
  • Maintains the current set of policy documents and the archive of old documents.
  • Arranges and minutes the AGM and Committee Meetings.
  • Ensures all affiliations are up to date (e.g. British Canoeing) and deals with correspondence for the club.
  • Pro-actively manages the administration of membership and boat storage fees at the due dates with the assistance of all members of the committee, bringing any unpaid dues to the attention of the committee and maintains an active list of club members.
  • Maintains a current H&S forms for paddlers (members) available to committee and coaches.


  • Ensures the smooth running of the club finances.
  • Brings to the attention of the committee any financial irregularities.
  • Report to Committee and AGM’s our current spend and surplus.
  • Pays bills timely, maintaining receipted accounts.
  • Arranges for accounts to be independently audited yearly.
  • Supports event organisers to ensure proper accounting.

Coaching Officer

  • Leads and represents the club’s Coaching Panel.
  • Maintains a register of the club’s coaches, including qualification status and key renewal dates.
  • Liases with all to ensure the correct coach is available for all HXCC activities.
  • Ensures a development plan for coaches.
  • Ensures members are educated about coaching issues.
  • Pro-actively seeks new coaches from the membership and wider bodies.
  • Arranges and minutes Coaching Panel meetings.

Post holder must be a current BC qualified coach

Equipment Officer

  • Keeps a register of all club equipment, ensures it is safe and fit for purpose.
  • Maintains the equipment needed for the river (i.e. poles and wires).
  • Manages the loan or hire of club equipment, ensuring any fees due are collected.
  • Manages the allocation of boat storage spaces and maintains an active list of club members who are paying for boat storage and at the club.

Buildings Officer

  • Ensures the building is fit for purpose (including disabled access), maintained and cleaned.
  • Manages the distribution of keys for the club and maintains an active list of club members who have keys.
  • In conjunction with the Health & Safety rep, risk assesses the building and yard.
  • Maintains and improves security of the clubhouse and site.

Welfare Officer

  • Provide information and advice on child protection within the club and promotes a child focus.
  • Ensure that the club adopt and follow the BC Child Protection Policy and procedures and promote awareness of the BC Codes of Conduct and Paddlesafe documents within the club.
  • Assist the club to implement appropriate recruitment and screening procedures including being a confirmation signatory, verifying recruitment and screening procedures.
  • Receive information from club volunteers, children or parents and carers who have child protection concerns, recording and referring these appropriately as set out in club / BC policies.
  • Advise the club about appropriate training opportunities for coaches and volunteers based on the BC Recommended Training Requirements.
  • Undertake the Sports Coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop or equivalent and the BC/Child Protection in Sport Unit “Time to Listen Workshop” that has been developed specifically for club Welfare Officers.
  • Proactively gains feedback young member of the club and involve parents/guardians in their child’s participation and represents their interests.

The post holder should not be a coach or volunteer with direct responsibility for co-ordinating or delivering junior programmes at the club.

Health & Safety Officer

  • Advises the committee of matters pertaining to health, welfare and safety.
  • Ensures risk assessments are carried out and archived.
  • Attend a British Canoeing Event Safety Officer course and approves event safety plans for Club events.
  • Liaise with others to ensure best practice is followed.
  • Ensures members are educated about health, welfare & safety issues.
  • Records, monitors and implements remedial actions in the case of accidents.
  • Is, or arrange for, an independent safety representative to oversee events at the club site, identifies hazards, offers support and advice.

Marketing Officer

  • Produce, edit and distributes the club’s newsletter.
  • Advertises club events to members and the wider community.
  • Seeks positive press coverage for the club and advise committee on any PR issues.
  • Maintains and develops the club’s website.

Events Co-ordinator

  • Co-ordinates an active calendar of club paddling and social events for members, identifying and supporting event organisers as required.
  • Maintains an active diary of regional competitions and other paddling events and encourages members to participate.
  • Works with the Marketing Officer to promote events to members.
  • Liaises with the Coaching Officer to ensure that club paddling events are under the supervision of a suitably qualified coach/leader.
  • Ensures the club is represented at relevant competition and other meetings (e.g. regional slalom meetings).

Access & Environment Officer

  • Maintains quality access at the club site.
  • Liase with residents to inform them of all activities planned at the club.
  • Co-ordinates the maintenance of the White Water Course.
  • Builds partnerships with the BC Access Officers to maintain and support BC activities.
  • Works with others in the wider community to further access for canoeing.
  • Works with others in the wider community to encourage a cleaner river environment.
  • Ensures members are educated about Access and Environment issues.

Volunteer Engagement & Development Officer

  • Get to know all club volunteers and potential volunteers.
  • Assist with the club development plan by gathering feedback from members, volunteers and course participants across all paddling disciplines.
  • Encourage re-engagement by following up non-attendance at planned sessions.
  • Highlight any issues or barriers to attendance to the coaches/committee.
  • Working with the events officer, finds ways to increase member involvement in activities and events across all sections of the club.
  • Support other committee members with the recruitment of volunteers for events for example river clean ups.
  • Recognise and nominate your volunteers for volunteer awards.
  • Work with the committee to organise social and recruitment events for volunteers.