Since 1991, Halifax Canoe Club has been registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee. This is special type of company, with no shares and where any money made by the club is used for the benefit of the club and to promote paddling generally.

Every adult who joins the club becomes a member of the company, which gives you the right to use the club’s facilities and to vote at members’ meetings (the AGM and any EGMs). Individual members have one vote, with family members having a maximum of two, exercised by adult members of the family.

In return, if the company is wound up, members can be asked to contribute up to £5 to the club’s assets.

By law, the club has to keep a register of its members’ names and addresses at the club house (our “registered office”) which is available for any member to look at and take copies. The register also has to be open to the public. We are obliged by law to keep the register up to date, so please let us know if you change your name or your address during the year.

From January 2007, we can send you notices of meetings by email, with your agreement. We hope members will agree to this as it will help to minimise the amount of club funds we have to spend on administration. If you have given us your email address on the membership form as your address for notices, please make sure you let us know if you change it.

The club also has to keep a register of directors (usually the committee – contact the Secretary for current details) which is open both to members and to the public. The directors run the club on a day to day basis on behalf of the members.

The club has a written constitution (called the “memorandum and articles”). which sets out members’ rights and the rules for running the club. Again, this is open to every member. A copy of this is availaable on the Policies page.

To notify of any changes to your member details or to request a copy of the constitution or the registers, please contact our Secretary) at email.

Additionally in 2013 the club was granted Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) status by HMRC. This means we are not for profit and can benefit from mandatory rate relief for our premises, claim Gift Aid on Donations and other benefits.