There is a massive variety within canoeing so that it can offer something for everyone, no matter what your ability or interest.  Gently explore new places to paddle, throw yourself down white water, get competitive or just play. Its all there to be explored and enjoyed!

Listed here are the main areas of the sport the club are involved with – see other disciplines for information on what else is out there!

White Water

Paddling on white water is probably the clubs main interest.  We have a short section of white water at the club for training and playing, and an active programme of trips to river across the country and beyond.  One club paddlers are familiar with the basics of paddling they are introduced to white water at the club and through trips aimed at all level of paddling ability. Click Here for more information.


This is where you race down the river, negotiating a series of gates as you go. Hitting or completely missing out a gate gets you a time penalty, so the aim is to ‘fast & clean’. Click here for more information.



The club’s coaches are qualified under the British Canoe Union’s Coaching Scheme. All are volunteers and provide free coaching to members at the club and on trips. We always need more volunteers interested in becoming coaches, or competent helpers to assist Coaches. (We support interested people to become coaches and helpers). Click Here for more information.

Open Canoeing

Paddling and touring in open canoes (Canadians) brings a new dimension and a new set of skills to your paddling. The club has a some open canoes that all paddlers are encouraged to have a go in to develop their all round skills, and we have people interested in heading off on trips in open canoes. Click Here for more information.


Also know as play boating and rodeo, this is where you get to show off all your tricks – cartwheels, front air loops, and more. Do it for fun, to show off, or there are some opportunities to complete.  Click here for more information.


Sea Kayaking

A great way to experience remote coastal areas.  However, you need to paddle with experienced people until you are familiar with the effect of tides and the weather. Most years a group head off to explore the coastal waters. Click Here for more information.


Covers the whole range of trips paddling flat water rivers, canal or lakes, including multi-day camping trips (there is a Canoe Camping Club). The club has an active programme of white water trips (see above) but is looking to expand its range of trips on easy water to ensure we suit a range of interests and abilities.

Have a look at British Canoeing’s  Go Canoeing website for ideas on where you can go paddling across the country.

Other Disciplines

Marathon, sprint and white water racing?  Canoe polo? Surfing? Canoe sailing? BCU Lifeguards?  If any of these are of interest, Click here for more information.

Speak to your coach for more information on trying any of these areas of canoeing.