Help us Freshening Up our Club Clothing

For many years we have Club kit – hoodies and t-shirts – available for member to order.  In recent years promotion, awareness, uptake and wearing of our kit has been low. Possibly some people don’t even know it exists!

And to be honest what we have is a bit plain, just a logo on it. A compared what we see member of other clubs wearing at events its quite dull!

So we want to create a brand new design and a fresh new image for our club kit that everyone will love and members will wear proudly. And that’s where you come in – we want your designs and idea about what our kit could look like.

What Kit do you want to see?
Even if you don’t fancy put forward design ideas we still want hear from you about what Club clothing and kit you want available – and other branded goodies if you want.  I’ll start a post in the Friends of HXCC Facebook group for those ideas.

Any design, will need to consider:

  • base colour of clothing has been navy blue, which we’ll almost certainly stick with, so the design needs to work with that.
  • whether it work at small and large size – i.e full size on the back or front of clothing, or just small on one side the chest.
  • colours and complexity – too intricate and it will be difficult to reproduce, especially at a small size and if we print it.

How to send design ideas:

We not looking for polished design, so anyone can doodle something that if we like we can get designed up to use. Don’t be put off by a lack of drawing or artistic skills (I’m not in a position to judge) and we can get rough draft polished up by a designer.

If you can do it on your computer or tablet great – but for now send them as PDF files.

If you’d rather do it on paper that’s ok too.  But ideally take a photo or scan it and send them as a PDF or photo file.

Don’t limit yourself, you can send any number of ideas in.  Please email them to me at

It please send ideas and comment by Sun 13th Sept. hopefully we can get some new kit organise in time for Christmas shopping (did I really mention that in August?)

So, time to get arty!