Club Sessions and Equipment Use (Update 17th May 2021)

Good News Club Paddling is back!

With the national lockdown restrictions ending, we are able to reopen the club and restart club paddling sessions.  Informal paddling can also take place, and as of 17th May thuis can be for up to 30 people. Please read these details and information on accessing the club before attending the club.

The club’s latest Covid-19 risk assessment is available here.

Club Sessions

This means we are able to restart Club sessions in much the same way we were running before the lockdown period, although there is a slight change as numbers on organised sessions are not limited by Covid rules, however social distancing must be maintained at all times, and paddler to coach ratios are still limited by our standard risk assessment.
These Club sessions will still be for existing members who should paddle within their capabilities and ideally be able to rescue themselves to the bank in the event of a capsize.
Attendance on each sessions must be pre-booked in advance for each paddler via our Webcollect system. Bookings will go live for these event on a rolling weekly basis.
As a reminder here is what is currently possible: Current club sessions.

Club Sessions – Important Information:

  • You must not access the club sessions if you have suspected Covid-19 symptoms or have been told to self isolateyou should be following government guidance and self-isolating at home.
  • Sessions are for club members only
  • Where possible, paddlers should be using their own equipment.
  • Club equipment can be used on organised Club Sessions (see below for details). We strongly discourage arranging to borrow other members kit.
  • When accessing the club members must follow existing club guidance on hand hygiene and cleaning touch points when accessing the club (Full Details).
  • From 19th April we are opening changing rooms in a very limited way – please read the full details.  But members are advised and strongly encouraged to avoid their use by continuing to change at home as far as possible, or if essential, keep time in the changing rooms to an absolute minimum.
  • Paddlers must maintain social distancing (2m) at all times, this applies on and off the water, and when inside the club collecting equipment. On the white water larger groups should split into smaller groups to be able to maintain social distancing (suggest max 6 paddlers per pool).
  • After paddling, social activity is limited by rules on informal gatherings (as of 17th May this is up to 30 people outdoors) However, we ask that as sessions  finish and equipment is put away paddler move away from the club in smaller groups.
  • Please do not park outside the club – we need this space to allow for appropriate social distancing and for cleaning equipment.

Peer Paddling

Under the Step 3 restriction you can exercise or socialise outside with up to 30 people – so informal ‘peer paddling’ is possible up to this number.

If you will be going in to the club building you must notify us (simply email to do this. This is so we know who has accessed the building in the event of a member testing positive and ‘track & trace’ being required.
Please also re-familiarise yourself with our Covid procedure for accessing the club.

Use of Club Equipment

To enable more people to get out on the water, members will be able to use club equipment (i.e. club boats, paddles, BAs, helmets and spraydecks) on pre-booked club sessions and activities. When booking on sessions you will be asked if you need a club boat or other equipment.  Those using club equipment will need to ensure this is disinfected or isolated after their use – please see the club guidance on this.  By booking on a sessions with club equipment members are agreeing to follow the club procedure on cleaning and isolating equipment after use.

New paddlers

We are working towards running ‘Learn to Paddle’ sessions soon.  Please register your interest by emailing so we can let you have details as soon as these are available.