Club Covid Procedures (Updated 25th July 2021)

As you are aware all legal Covid restrictions were removed on 19th July.  Therefore there are no limits on numbers on sessions beyond our standard risk assessments for sessions.

However case numbers remain high and guidance remains in place to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. After reviewing the guidance available through British Canoeing and from the government most of the precautions that we have in place at the club do need to be maintain (sanitising  shared equipment, hand hygiene, limited changing room access etc). These will be kept under review as case numbers and any guidance changes.

The club’s latest Covid-19 risk assessment is available here.

Club by members should continue with the following precautions when accessing the club:

  • You must not access the club sessions if you have suspected Covid-19 symptoms or have been told to self isolateyou should be following government guidance and self-isolating at home.
  • Access for club sessions must be pre-booked online – details here
  • You should assume all surfaces may be contaminated, please continue to sanitise hands regularly at the club and clean surfaces that you come into contact with – particularly cleaning door handles, locks and areas of teh changing rooms you have used.  If supplies of cleaning/sanitising materials are loo please let a coach or committee member know.
  • Changing rooms in a very limited way, please see full details below. While there are are no longer social distancing on number limits indoors our changing rooms are not wll ventilated, so for now we are maintaining our restrictions. This will be reviewed as case numbers reduce or if we are able to improve ventilation.
  • We encourage you to continue to maintain social distancing around the club.
  • Club equipment is available for use on  club sessions and activities and must be cleaned/isolated after each use – Details here By using club equipment, members agree to follow these club procedures. Junior members must be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • You are encourage to get vacinated when this is offered, and make use of regular Lateral Flow Test which are available from many pharmacies


Limited Changing Room Access (available for 19th April) 

While changing rooms are available, they are not well ventialted so pose an increased risk for covid transmission, so we continue to limit capacity and encourage members to minisinse their use as much as possiblesmission and government guidance is very clear that use should be minimised as much as possible.

If at all possible you should continue to arrive and leave the club in your paddling kit. We suggest plastic bags/sheets on car seats, or park in the Market car park and change discretely at your car. Do not change elsewhere in the club buildings, and to maintain good relations with residents please do not get changed in the mill area.

Use of the changing rooms is on the following basis:

  • Maximum capacities must not be exceeded.
  • Gents = Max 2 people changing and access to the toilet by 1 other person
  • Ladies = Max 1 person changing and access to the toilet by 1 other person
  • Disabled = Max 1 person changing or using the toilet
  • Room capacity may be increased by 1 to enable a young child to be assisted by their parent.
  • Members (or their parent) must clean down their changing area immediately afterwards using cleaning materials provided.
  • Members advised to aim to limit time in the changing room to 5 mins at a time.
  • Shower at home, to reduce the amount of time in the changing room.
  • Personal effects/bags must be left on the high-level shelves, or removed from the changing room (stored upstairs).
  • Consider wearing a face covering when in the changing room.



Why do I need to pre-book club activities?
This is simply to enable us to know who is attending.  There is no longer a requirement to hold this information for rack and trace purposes, although it will aid this should there be need to do so.

Why is changing rooms use so limited?
While restriction allow use of the changing rooms the guidance is very clear that we should avoid and minimise their use as much as possible. Therefore it is better if you can arrive and leave the club in your paddling kit, either using plastic bags/sheets on car seat or park in the market car park and change discretely at your car.

The size of our changing rooms means that their capacity is severely restricted to enable members to socially distance (ie you have a 2m x 2m area to change in).

We have allowed access to the toilet in each changing room which enables the disabled toilet to be used as a further changing room.

Can I get changed in lobby or in the boat store?
These areas are need for members to access boats and equipment so can not be used for changing.

Can I use club boats and equipment?
Use of shared equipment does pose a risk of transmitting Covid-19, so cleaning or isolating shared equiment does need to continue.

What is happening with Winter Pool Sessions?
We hope we will be able to run these, however it is not certain. We’ll provide more information when we have it.