Club Access Procedures during Covid-19

In line with government and British Canoeing guidance you can now go paddling with your own household or with up to 6 people from other households – providing you maintain social distancing (at least 2m) from anyone outside of your household.

We are now in a position to be able to open up access to the club in a limited way to allow members to be able to access their boats that are stored at the club and to access the toilet while on site. Thank you for your patience while we have put in place arrangements to allow this to happen.

Access to the club by members is on the following conditions:

  • You must not access the club if you have suspected Covid-19 symptoms – if you have these you should be following government guidance and self-isolating at home.
  • Access must be pre-notified to the club. You can do this by sending an email to You will received an automated reply with a reminder of key information for your visit to the club.
  • You should assume all surfaces may be contaminated, and that you can contaminate them. Please operate on a ‘if you touch it, clean it basis’, as well as thoroughly washing your hands regularly.  Please pay particular attention to frequent contact points including: padlocks, door handles, and light switches. The club has provided (both upstairs and downstairs) plenty of soap, paper towels, spray disinfectant and anti-bacterial wipes for your use, plus a bin for used paper-towels etc.  The club will be checking supplies and topping these up regularly, but if supplies are running low please let one of the committee know.
  • Access upstairs is to get your boat in or out of the club to paddle at the club (or elsewhere).
  • Access downstairs is to use the disabled toilet only.
  • In line with government guidance, Club changing rooms are locked and out of use. To maintain good relations with residents please do not get changed in the mill area. You should arrive and leave the club in your paddling kit. We suggest plastic bags/sheets on car seats, or park in the Market car park and change discretely at your car.
  • Access to the buildings is limited to one household at a time. If you are paddling with other households or others are accessing the club while you are there, please wait at an appropriate social distance (2m) until the building is clear for you to enter. Also please collect or return your equipment and vacate the building as quickly as possible when others are waiting.
  • Club equipment is not available for use currently. You must paddle using your own equipment.
  • Junior members must be supervised by a responsible adult.


Other considerations:

  • Please remember we are based in a residential area, so maintain appropriate social distancing, stepping back to allow residents space to access their properties and vehicles as necessary.
  • On the water you should paddle well within your capabilities and able to self-rescue to ensure you do not put yourself or others at risk. As always, paddling alone is not recommended. Advice on appropriate river levels can be found on our website (here) and on the noticeboard downstairs.
  • When paddling with people from outside your own household you should maintain a 2m social distance. If paddling on the white-water please consider in advance how you will do this in circulating eddies and flows. You may want to consider paddling in smaller groups on the white-water course.



Why do I need to pre-book my visit?
This is based on guidance we have from British Canoeing that we should know who is accessing the club.  It also means that if someone develops Covid-19 symptoms after visiting the club we can advise other members who may be at risk and arrange additional cleaning as required.

How far in advance do I need to pre-book?
There is no set time before your visit that you must do this. All we ask is that you do email before each visit so we have a record of who is using the club. We feel this approach protects the club and its members while still allowing a ‘spur of the moment’ decision to go for a paddle.

Why are the changing rooms not available?
Current government restriction do not allow us to provide changing facilities, so the changing rooms will remain locked until further notice.  You can exercise outside with up to 6 people, and we are allowed to open up the buildings for you to access your equipment and to use a toilet.

Please arrive and leave the club in your paddling kit, either using plastic bags/sheets on car seat or park in the market car park and change discretely at your car.  Please do not change in the mill area where you can be seen by residents.

Can I get changed in the disabled toilets or in the boat store?
No, we are not allowed to provide any changing facilities.  Members changing in these areas could mean that we have to completely close access to the club again. See the above advice on arriving and leaving in paddling kit.  Additionally doing this will mean other members wanting to access the building may have a longer wait while you are changing.

Can I use club boats and equipment?
No, you must be using your own equipment.  We appreciate that this will limit the number of members that can go paddling.  The cleaning of communal equipment required between each use means that we have decided to take club equipment out of use at the moment.  We are continuing to look at this and may be able to make this available in the future for members that do not have their own equipment.

When will you be running club sessions?
The current restrictions on the size of gatherings and the inability to open the changing rooms make it very difficult for us to run club sessions at the moment. We hope to be able to offer some club sessions when the easing of restrictions make this feasible.