Wanted – Club river leaders

As a club we are short of people qualified to lead white water river trips.  Over the next year we want to run a programme to recruit and qualify experienced white water paddlers at the club and support them to become qualified as a river leader.

Becoming a river leaders means working towards completing the  4 star white water leader award. This is qualifies you to lead other competent paddlers on grade 2 rivers, so is a ideal award for people at the Club to help run river trips.

River Ure trip photo 3

Why do it?

Well firstly it’s an excuse to go paddling lots!  You’ll improve your own paddling and gain vital skills to safely lead other on white water rivers.  You’ll also be helping your club to grow by increasing the number of trips we can run and the number of people we can take on trips.

What level does my paddling need to be at to do this?

To go on the 4 star training you need to be at 3 star level (although you don’t need  to hold the 3 star).  When you come to do the assessment you’ll  need to be able to competently paddle grade 3 rapids and be able to position yourself anywhere on grade 2  water so you can safely lead others.

What’s involved?

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You should know there is 6 days training involved before the assessment (although you may have done some of this already (i.e. white water safety course). Plus building up your logbook of river trip and leading experience.

Firstly you’ll need to attend a two day 4 star training course which covers all the practical and river leadership skills you need to take people on white water trips – which is two days of paddling.

After completing the training course you need to build up (and log) experience of leading on trips before you go for the assessment. This can easily be done through assisting on Club trips over the winter and heading off with other trainees to build your skills and experience.

Prior to assessment you also need to have attended a white water safety and rescue training course (2 days) and complete a 2 day first aid certificate.

What support is going to be available?

We are currently applying for funding to help fund people through the 3 training courses and the assessment courses – depending on how much funding we can secure we’ll be looking at 50 – 90% funding for people doing this.

We’ll also be asking our existing coaches/ leaders  that are qualified to lead on white water to support and mentor trainees as they develop their river leader experience.


Please register your interest asap with Les Ford (01484 854099 or email).  If you want more information about the 4 star leader award see the 4 star award syllabus or speak to Les or one of our other coaches.