River Burrs trip report 6th October 2013

On a lovely Sunday morning in October a small group of us met at the car park early morning, last to arrive was the closest person to Burrs (I won’t mention names!)

We put in on the small waterway but had to go in, in single file due to the vast amount of pond weed in our way. Some people got over zealous with their paddle strokes and ended up wearing it and becoming pond life. (or wanted to see if it had youthful properties).

After a short paddle we got out and put into the River Irwell most of us taking the ‘chicken run’ but a few mad fools decided to seal launch in, making sure Andrew went first as depth tester!

Flouting with tradition we decided to venture up river, much to the disappointment of the waiting spectators. After manoeuvring round a few bends and rocks we climbed out and walked a little way up stream to where we could put back in.

On our second encounter with a large expanse of rocks we decided to retrace our steps back to the weir. Due to a lack of flowing water we had to push ourselves over the weir. As a biker the best way to describe entry was like ‘popping a wheelie’.

At the bottom we split into two groups, with one group heading off downstream, and my group playing in the weir until it was time to move on.

Our journey downstream was pretty uneventful, a few eddies and some good playful drops, there was just enough water to have some fun. We were getting plenty of practice using our support strokes and guidance from our fellow experienced paddlers.

There was a nice wave at the end of the course, plenty of surfing to be done on it.
So Vic decided to show us how it was done, only problem was that Andrew was taking pictures on the bridge so on her exit the only capsize was done, many thanks Vic.

Andy Luke