Potential hazard above puzzle weir

Cliff attended a meeting at the Cricket Club tonight with people interested in revitalizing the land beyond the cricket club to the weir and including the currently disused football pitch above the weir.
One of the people present was Paul and bailiff for the fishing club. He said there is problem with poachers using “traps” which are lines strung across the river with multiple hooks. He found one with 50 hooks on and they are not the common small hooks but the massive types used for sea fishing. The consequences for a swimmer would be dreadful.
Look out for lines attached to trees, but very low down, and to fallen branches at the river’s edge.
He patrols the river side regularly and removes any he finds, but we need to be vigilant when operating above the weir.
Please report any that we find to Cliff at cliff.speight@btinternet.com.