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Eleven of us headed off to Scotland at half term for some river tripping fun - the only thing missing was some water!! No rain all week meant we were down to the few trips that had a reliable, if low, level.

Sunday - Lower Nevis - grade 2(4)

We just managed to catch this with the last of the previous weeks rain run off and snow melt. Even so was a bit of a scrape in places, but it served as a good warm for the week and a chance to try a grade 4 at the end.

It's a bit of scrape - Mandy bounces down a rocky grade 2 section

Nice warm up - Les about to go into free fall on the grade 4 above the get in, the 7m 'Polldubh fall'.

'Roaring Mill' - and survives to line up for the smaller second part of the fall

'Roaring Mill' - Craig drops into the meat of the second grade 4


Lower Roy - grade 3 and Middle Spean - grade 2/3. Arguable too little water on the lower Roy which meant a scrape and one portage. But thank heaven that the Lagan Dam was releasing into the Spean, making the second half of the trip a bouncy down standing waves.

Time to play - Nick gets in some surfing on on of the play spots on the river

Ready to go - lined up and waiting for the off on the River Roy  

A trickier but - John pushes through one of the deeper, but more technical sections

Yep, this is a scrape too - Mark picks away through the rock on the way down

The prefect end - taking advantage of the coffee shop at the get out (it was private parking so we were morally obliged to have cake!)

Water at last - bouncing down the Spean thanks to water from Laggan Dam - we finished just before the level dropped off  

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