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The weekend got off to a staggered start as traffic jams and Friday evening congestion impinged on people’s journeys. By Saturday morning everyone had arrived and was raring to go.

A short stroll to the beach saw us meeting our coaches for the weekend. The obligatory amount of phaffing with boats, decks, and paddles ensued before we all made it onto the water.

We started with skills practise in the bay, mastering how to go forwards (surprisingly easy) and how to edge and turn (surprisingly tricky). This accomplished we set off rock hopping anti clockwise around Holy Island. A confidence building, sun baked, wind assisted day was had by all.

Having consumed some gorgeous grub at the White Eagle and watch England Play we headed to the beach to end the day with a bonfire.

Sunday dawned showery, and a change in wind direction had us striking wet tents before heading across Anglesey to Bull Bay in the north. This morning we’d requested more wildlife and caves and were not disappointed. Again we rock hopped anticlockwise weaving in and out of caves and rocks at the base of the cliffs. In the air we encountered terns, oystercatchers, chuffs and a pair of peregrine falcons.

In the water, a lone seal, porpoises and the huge lion’s mane jelly fish. A positive menagerie of Anglesey wildlife.

The afternoon saw the slightly more mental amongst us undertake balancing skills. Christine kissed the front of her boat, Shamim stood on her seat and unfortunately swam, only to rather uncharacteristically get back in and repeat the manoeuvre. Just what was in those jelly babies we wondered!!

When the rest of us stopped laughing we had a brief clockwise jaunt around the bay before returning to watch Lois swim during balancing manoeuvres. All in all an awesome weekend, Great campsite, great food, great company and great coaches.

Thanks to Mark for organising the trip