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We arrived at Burrs car park on a bright sunny day and after changing set off on the canal which runs above the river. I thought the canal stretch would be really easy until we came across the pond weed. It was so thick it was almost impassable. I had to hold back because, with being lighter than the adults I skated across the top of the weed, but they all got stuck! By the time we got to the end of the canal the boats were covered in weed.


After climbing out of the canal at the top end I walked along the path to look at the weir. I thought the weir would be easy and it didn’t look at all scary. That was until I got back on the water and looked over the edge from the top! I was absolutely petrified and I paddled back away from the edge far quicker than I paddled towards it. At this point some bright spark suggested that I should raft up with my dad and we could go down together. I was still scared but I did it. I zoomed down the weir and the splash at the bottom went all over me and some water went in my mouth. I must say it tasted much better than the Calder! Although I survived the trip down the weir, I declined the offer of another go.


After the weir we paddled down the river, practised our ferry gliding and did some surfing at the bottom of the drops. My dad managed to have a swim when his surfing went wrong! On the last drop Stoppy kept pulling my boat back upstream so I didn’t have to get out for another go. On one go he let go of my boat before I had chance to turn it round and I went over the drop backwards. When I hit the bottom of the drop my boat capsized and I couldn’t find the strap on my spray deck. I banged the bottom of my boat and Stoppy jumped in and rescued me. (Thanks John!)


In all, I really enjoyed the trip and next time I will know what to expect!