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After a (not so) brief period of chaos while the trailer was loaded up and ensuring that everyone actually had a boat and paddle on the trailer or a roof, we set off for the short hop to the Burrs - with two convoy's following the only two people who thought that they could remember the way there!

For those that haven't been, the Burrs is a Country Park, with a nice easy section of river running through it (unless its in flood), a canal so you can paddle to the start of the river and a massive weir to slide down! All in all an ideal place for a river trip for kids and the inexperienced - and Mum & Dad can watch from the bank all the way down. So although this was billed as a kids trip their was quite a few 'big kids' along for the ride!

After successfully negotiating the Bury ring road, the first challenge on the water was getting off the canal. Even with the handy platform, it's still a high bank to climb out of - and no pressure, but half the canoe club's there watching to see who will be the first to end up sitting in the water!

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) no-one succumbed to the murky waters of the canal and headed off to have a look at the weir - at 18ft this either excited or worried those looking at it. For the less experienced adults we had along, a hastily convened mutual support group meant that they all talked themselves into having a go - a decision which they didn't regret (or at least I assume so as they all went back up for another go!).

After everyone had had a couple of goes each, we managed to stop them going back for another go and headed off down the short river trip. The low water level was ideal for many, although it didn't give too much opportunity for those that wanted to play. Mind you, one of the stopper did manage to catch out John E, ensuring there was one jellyfish on the trip!

The last drop proved to be the best for those wanting to play, giving a small wave to surf and some depth for those wanting to get vertical.

And for a final finale, swimming practice down the last drop under the road bridge, before getting off for some lunch.

And after that it was just a matter of loading up (how did we get all these boats on the trailer when we came?) and heading back to the club to swap the boats over on the trailer over for Mondays pool session.


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