Paddlefit – your work out in a boat (Tuesday nights)

Our regular weekly fitness session is back.

Quite simply it is fitness training in a boat! We do a variety of exercises, sprints, longer distances, resistance training etc. Just think circuit training in your boat.

We follow a session plan each week designed to work on various aspects of fitness, allowing you to push yourself as hard as you want to.

Its open to pretty much any paddler in the club who wants to build their paddling and general fitness. The only requirement is that you can paddle in a straight line, and turn your boat.

The details you need

Meet at the club on Tuesday’s so we can be on the water for a 7:30pm start. Sessions last approx 1 hour session on the flat water. Most people go for a quick paddle on the white water afterwards, but it’s up to you. You need your usual paddling kit (but remember you will be working out!), and a sling and carabineer if you have one.

This year I’ll be running the first few sessions, but can’t commit to every week due to work. So I’ll be looking to others to run session on a rota basis – simply getting the kit out and following the session plans.

Les Ford