My trip to Tully

DSCN0813I woke up early with my alarm ringing in my ears and I knew today was the day that I was heading to Scotland for my summer holiday. We packed the camper collected the boats and headed North with the Halifax crew in our usual camper van convoy. We stopped  at Tebay services for some posh black pudding scotch eggs and even bumped into Les and Sarah.

We arrived at Fairnilee and the two days of racing flew by. It was a technical course with a lot of sprints, my brother Cameron capsized at gate number 4 and has a huge scar by his knee were his boat attacked him. I found this course longer than any that I have paddled before I was glad to hear Les’s voice shouting, “ look at the flowers”! I really enjoyed Fairnilee but I couldn’t wait to get to Grand Tully as I had been told loads about it.

Tully welcomed us all with a huge thunderstorm that made my mum question her idea about camping. We set up Halifax camp with everyone’s help. By 9 pm we were all worn out and fast asleep.

Monday morning brought better weather and we could see the gigantic course of Tully.  By 10 am Johnny, Colin, Paul, Cameron, Eliot and me were ready to let our coach Ken guide us down the course. This was a scary moment but all of the Yorkshire coach’s were great. We all started at the bottom of Grand Tully and worked our way up the course using skills like fairy gliding, breaking in and out and I could feel myself getting more confident as the week went by. On Tuesday afternoon my mum was speaking to Uncle Stuart and Les overheard her saying she would like to go from the top so Les called her bluff. I was so proud watching her bounce down the waves breaking in and out in her big plastic boat.

My biggest memory of Grand Tully was capsizing on the first drop and clinging to a big rock and refusing to let go until I had got my nose peg firmly on. My swimming total was nothing compared to Uncle Stuarts and Al’s as whenever one capsized the other one soon followed their lead.

My paddling has improved so much and so has everyone’s ability to make a Pompom. I now feel ready to conquer the world!

The best summer holiday ever.

By Olivia kirk.