Lloyds Banking Group Make a difference at our club

You may have noticed over the last week that our club bridge has had a major facelift.

This is down to the kind and lovely employees of Lloyds banking group choosing our club on their Day to Make a Difference.

Last wednesday whilst the sun was shining, 8 members of Lloyds armed themselves with paint brushes, decking sealant and cleaning equipment and set about working on renovating our bridge.

Our club Secretary and Lloyds employee, Anna Manley, has been making plans to co-ordinate a group of her colleagues to help the club as part of their community scheme.

As these photos show they really excelled themselves and have made the 20 year old bridge look like new again.

Read on to find out more about Lloyds Banking’s scheme:

Day to Make a Difference taps into the energy and passion of our colleagues to help them volunteer for an organisation in their community.

Community volunteering is offered by Lloyds Banking Group as an additional benefit for every colleague. Colleagues can take at least one day, or eight hours, to spend time in their community to make a difference. This is in addition to their annual leave allowance.

It is the main volunteering programme across Lloyds Banking Group and is aligned with our Learning & Development curriculum. It involves all of our colleagues, including senior executives, who are able to lead by example by volunteering in their communities. People can use their day as individuals or work in teams.

Our Commitment

Our aim is to have supported colleagues in investing 1 million hours in communities by the end of 2015. This equates to 125,000 colleagues spending at least one day in the community.

We want to have a real impact among local communities across the UK with the involvement of our colleagues across the Group.

To achieve this target we will:

  • deepen relationships with local charities and community groups to seek meaningful opportunities for colleagues
  • commit resources to raise awareness and deliver flexible volunteering options for colleagues
  • build a ‘one stop’ process – like this website – to make it simple for our colleagues to easily take part
  • set annual targets to track our progress in achieving 1 million hours by the end of 2015.

Progress to date

Since the launch of Day to Make a Difference, the number of colleagues utilising their day has grown rapidly.

Over 7,300 employees volunteered during 2010 in their local communities, with Day to Make a Difference or through other volunteering initiatives. This figure more than doubled in 2011, with over 16,000 volunteers from the Group working in their communities.

The trend has been sustained in 2012.
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