French Alps – final update

The milometer says we’ve done just over 1000 miles, which includes an extra hour driving on a detour as route over the mountain col was closed for the day due to a cycle race (no not le tour – that’s next week). Anyway, the long drive over, its time for sunshine and white water!

Lower Guil and the Durance

A cracking run for an introduction to the Alps, and then playtime at St Clement.

Lower Claree

Thunderstorms last night put a bit more water in the rive, so we headed up the valley to a river we’d not done before, and what beauty.

Upper Guil

We headed right up the valley today to the top section of the Guil. A fast water and a mini gorge made for a great paddle.

Upper Durance and being tourists

After a long day yesterday, we opted for a short morning paddle on the Durance and then a trip up into the mountains and into the glacier!!

The Sunshine Run (Lower Durance)

The sun was beating down as we headed off to the aptly named Sunshine run down the lower section of the Durance – big volume and big waves!

Briancon Gorge and the Middle Durance

The last day of our french adventure, so to make the most of it we did two trips!! The short and fast run down the Briancon Gorge (eyes on stalks!) then a chilled out float down a different section of the Durance.

All good things come to an end – now for the short drive home.