Flood update and help needed to clean up

As I’m sure most of you will know the club was flooded over Christmas with the tremendous floods that swept through the Calder Valley. Overall the damage was not as great as feared. Our thoughts are with all those householders and business that have been severely affected.

We must first thank everyone who has already helped out with cleaning up the club house and site in anyway, and especially to those who were there on the 27th December amongst the sludge and grime.

In terms of what still needs to happen, it’s still very damp and there are signs of mould starting to grow in the changing rooms areas, so everything needs a really good wash out and wipe down with disinfectant and we need to put have the doors open and heaters and ventilation on for a good while too.

It looks like the water level didn’t quite get to the ceiling downstairs, therefore protecting most of the electrics and new extractor fans, Phew! But various power outlets were underwater including sockets, electrics in the disabled toilet and the roller shutter controls, so we will need to sort these out in the near future.

We’ll also be getting a dehumidifier to help dry out the stone / blockwork walls. These walls will probably also need repainting.

Needless to say we are also looking at getting a floodgate – which will help prevent some future flooding although nothing of the scale of what happened on Boxing Day.

On the river, the get off steps need clearing (and checking they are still secure).
The red bridge needs clearing of sand (brushing and swilling) to clear out the grooves in the deck boards.

Due to water levels, it is still difficult to tell exactly what has happened and whether there is much remaining debris in the drops, but one or two rocks may have moved.

The whole riverside needs a major clear up to remove deposited rubbish and the slalom wires that remain need to be secured so that they are not a hazard in the future. A longer plan will be devised to put the wires back up and deal with the gravel and stone that has accumulated at the get on point.

So we’re going to be holding a SPECIAL FLOOD CLEAN UP this Sunday January 10th from 10.30am.

Everyone is welcome, including friends and family. Bring your waterproof paddling kit plus old clothes and if you have a spare, bring a broom.

There will be a paddle afterwards for thiose that fancy it.

Food and refreshments provided for volunteers.

Any questions about Sunday please contact Christine on volunteers@halifaxcanoe.org.uk

If you would like to know more about the flood and what we are doing to put things right, please contact Victoria Bradford-Keegan, our chair on chair@halifaxcanoe.org.uk.