Can you answer this questionnaire about kayaking for Jessica?

Club member Jessica Acheson has asked for your help! She’d like people to fill in an online questionnaire to help her research in to peer pressure in kayaking. You can also volunteer to be interviewed about your experiences.

Here’s Jessica’s message:

You are invited to participate in research study. The study aims to discover how participants in kayaking are affected by peer pressure. The link below will take you to a questionnaire which should take no more than ten minutes to complete. By completing the questionnaire you are giving consent to take part in the study. If you wish to withdraw from the study, you are free to do so. Please contact the researcher if you wish to do this.

Following on from the questionnaire, I am looking to also collect data through interviews. If you would be interested in being interviewed about this subject, please could you contact me via email (details below) and I will be in touch. Interviews will be conducted in person and will require you to fill out a consent form.


Jessica Acheson, Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure