Buildings update Calling all boat owners:

Buildings update
Calling all boat owners:
As most of you should already know we about to start the building refurbishment at the club in the next week or two. The builders estimate that it will take 5 weeks to complete the work which means that we will have virtually no access the club house, during this time. The downstairs will be out of action entirely as it will be being refurbished whilst the upstairs will be a storage area for building material and equipment.
We will not be hosting any club sessions from the club house during this time, instead we will use nearby sites and rivers. The upstairs area will have builder’s equipment, tools and material in it and so access to boats will also be very limited. In addition, it is likely that the door to the boat store may be left open during the day with builders walking up and downstairs to complete work, therefore there is a risk to club member’s property.  We therefore recommend that anyone with a boat stored at the club who can take their boat home or elsewhere does so during the building works. We hope that this will be no more than 4-5 weeks. We will let you know the start date as soon as we know it. when we do have this we may also ask for some help to clean out the club house and remove anything we do not need to enable the builders to work.